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The 3rd chapter of the web novel is titled "七玄门", which translates to "Seven Mysteries Sect". It was published in Chinese on Qidian (2008), and was later translated into English by Wuxia World (2016).


The smell inside the carriage was understandably unpleasant and cramped, given the fact that 30 young children were squeezed inside, despite its optimal capacity of only 10 people. Han Li had cleverly chosen a seat near the sides, where he could stealthily observe the others. The children could be seperated into three different groups based on their clothing and bearing:

  1. First, children coming from powerful and wealthy families, who had previously practiced martial arts, could be considered elites.
  2. Second, children from differing backgrounds who had grown up in the city, and therefore had been taught from a young age to observe people and know what was beneficial for them. They came from families of shopkeepers, workers, craftsmen, and so on.
  3. Third, children coming from remote and poor villages, who usually had to make do with what they had. They had suffered a life of hardship and strife, and made up the minority of the children inside the carriage. "They usually kept to themselves, and had a quiet demeanor, not even daring to speak or laugh loudly. They were a refreshing change when compared to those loud children."

Wu Yan (13yo) in silk clothing was sitting in the centre of the carriage, surrounded by the majority of the children of the second class. He was actually too old to join the selection test, but this fact was overlooked thanks to one of his older female cousins being married to someone of authority inside the Seven Mysteries Sect.

Exiting Green Ox Village, the horse carriage sped westward and made a few detours to collect even more children. Five days later, they arrive at the Celestial Rainbow Mountain near sunset. Protector Wang rallies the disembarking children and escorts them up the main peak called Setting Sun Summit along the mountain's stone steps. Han Li followed, surveying his nearby surroundings on the way. Suddenly, the group stops as Division Head Yue greets them in a friendly and amicable voice. Protector Wang's stern facade melts away as he respectfully bowed and informed Yue that he has brought the 17th batch of children for the selection test.

“Send them to the courtyard, let them rest for tonight. Tomorrow morning, we’ll begin the selection process. Send those who fail or break the rules back down the mountain.” - Division Head Yue to Protector Wang

Protector Wang continued escorting them, greeting several figures who were all wearing green clothes, equipped with either a blade or a sword, or otherwise pouches filled with mysterious items around their waist. They all seemed somewhat proficient in martial arts. The children are finally brought to a lower peak where they had been organised to sleep for the night, in a house made of mud. The children somehow understood that this place would determine their fates, which filled them with excitement, though none dared to speak loudly.

Han Li dreams that he's clothed in silk, with a golden sword in his hands, and possessed peerless martial arts, soundly beating the village blacksmith's sons who he was previously no match for. Waking the next morning, Protector Wang does not let the children enjoy breakfast, instead bringing them down the mountain to a steep slope with many bamboo shoots. There, they find Division Head Yue and a few other youths already waiting for them.



Division Head Yue