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The 5th chapter of the web novel is titled "墨大夫", which translates to "Doctor Mo". It was published in Chinese on Qidian (2008), and was later translated into English by Wuxia World (2016).


With one arm, the lanky senior nimbly carries Han Li up the cliff. Han Li notices that the sun has reached the center of the sky, meaning that it's noon. He feels disheartened that he failed the test after all, despite how he had desperately pushed forward, almost to the point of disregarding his own life.

At the top, six other children were resting. Wu Yan were also present, conversing with a middle-aged old man in a dark blue garb (probably Vice Sect Leader Ma). Nearby stood Division Head Yue and Protector Wang. After the senior disciples had finished escorting the rest of the children to the top, Division Head Yue stepped forward with a solemn expression to announce the results.

  • Only seven participants passed
    • Six will enter Division Head Yue's Hundred Forge division and formally become Inner Disciples of the sect
    • Wu Yan will be sent directly to the Seven Supreme Division thanks to his outstanding performance
  • Zhang Tie and Han Li did not pass the test, but performed admirably. Thanks to their determination, they will become Unofficial Disciples under an instructor for the next half year, before they will be tested again, to determine if they will become an Inner Disciple or an Outer Disciple.
  • The rest of the children will be given some silver coins and sent back home by Protector Wang

Two senior disciples, Zhang Jun and Wu Ming Rui, are ordered to assist Division Head Yue in escorting the children to Vice Division Head and Instructor Li. Descending the cliff, Han Li steals a glance at Wu Yan who was still chatting with the old man, seemingly without any intent of moving from the spot. Wu Ming Rui explains that Wu Yan is different from the rest of the children, as he will most likely become a core disciple. Zhang Jun comments that Wu Yan is only riding on his family's petticoats, and that he would not have been able to achieve such results with his meager skills alone. Senior Wu admonishes Zhang Jun for gossiping about the Sect Leader's decisions, at risk of severe punishments, and checks their surroundings to make sure no one heard the other's words. Saddened at the thought of the sect's internal affairs, the duo silently escorted the children, who daren't speak out of turn.

As they pass through a forested region, a coughing Doctor Mo emerges from the woods. The senior disciples respectfully greeted him with a bow. The old man asks about the children, and requests for the two unofficial disciples, since he's in need of some manpower, specifically an alchemy apprentice and an herb gatherer. The two obeys, ordering Zhang Tie and Han Li to pay their respects to the elder. Wu Ming Rui tried currying favor with the doctor by means of flattery, before the group separates, leaving Zhang Tie and Han Li to follow the doctor into the forest.

They walk down a small path that meandered through the forest, turning left and right before suddenly stopping in front of an entrance leading to a lush green valley. Doctor Mo welcomes them into God Hand Valley and tells them that they may call him Old Mo or Doctor Mo. He points to a smaller house in the valley, explaining that it will be their home. He tells them to rest up, and come for him in his house when night falls, so that he can inform them about some things. Doctor Mo then slowly walks to his own house.

"Completely exhausted, Han Li did not bother to check with Zhang Tie before entering the smaller house and finding a bed to fall asleep on. He was satisfied, because, at this moment, he was halfway to becoming an Inner Disciple of the Seven Mysteries Sect."


  • One of the two seniors ordered to escort the successful children was also the lanky senior disciple who was in charge of Han Li's safety during the examination.


Division Head Yue