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The 6th chapter of the web novel is titled "无名口诀", which translates to "Nameless Oracular Formula". It was published in Chinese on Qidian (2008), and was later translated into English by Wuxia World (2016).


Zhang Tie rouses Han Li from his slumber, and hands him two steaming white buns. After eating, they head to see Old Mo at sunset. Entering his residence, their presence is ignored, until the old man finishes engrossing in a book. He informs them on the agenda for the next six months, and that they must learn a certain cultivation chant, lest they want to become Outer Disciples. The next few days are spent learning medicinal knowledge in the mornings, and learning to read in the afternoons. A month later, the two are isolated from the other children, spending no time on anything other than the chant.


Han Li is roused from his slumber, and is startled to awake to a closeup of Zhang Tie's face. The older boy hands him two steaming white buns that he grabbed at a big kitchen near the valley, where he had seen many others eating. Han Li thanks "Brother Zhang" out of gratitude, which makes the older boy stammer a little out of embarrassment. After eating, the sun is setting and the two head off to see Old Mo.

At Doctor Mo's residence, they find the old man engrossed in a book. Ignored, they stand to one side and waits for him to acknowledge their presence. After a while, Doctor Mo slowly places his book on the table. He informs them that they will be accepted as his Unofficial Disciples, and that he will teach them some general knowledge on picking medicinal plants and refining medicines, including some life-saving healing techniques and a cultivation chant. But if they want to learn martial arts, they will have to seek some of the other instructors. The doctor placed a great deal of importance on the chant, telling them that he'll force them out to become an outer disciple if they have not progressed in this cultivation chant. Doctor Mo dismisses them, asking them to return tomorrow morning. Han Li glances at the book out of curiosity, thinking it was a pity he was illiterate.

Han Li is satisfied to have become a disciple of the Seven Mysteries Sect, although only an unofficial disciple. He secretly wishes he won't pass next year, so that he can become an Outer Disciple like his uncle. "That way, he could leave the mountain earlier to see his parents and his most beloved younger sister again."

The next few days are spent learning medicinal knowledge in the mornings, and learning to read in the afternoons. Doctor Mo made them study the body's twelve main meridians, energy channels, and acupoint locations. "As for the little he taught them of martial arts, he made them maintain the horse stance and hit straw dummies. A month later, the two of them were completely isolated from the other children. They no longer spent time learning anything else besides the chant."