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Mas.... ter, I... I am... Weeping Soul!
— Weeping Soul Beast's first words[2]

Han Li obtained it in the Heavenvoid Hall from Yuan Yao in exchange for his protection during her crossing of the Inner Hall trial.


After spending the past years with Han Li, it had begun to treat Han Li with great intimacy. It can be said that he considers Han Li as a relative. He is therefore extremely loyal contrary to some of his master's other pets like the Six-Winged Frost Centipedes.

His second evolution made the Weeping Soul Beast attained intelligence. Han Li accelerated the process by transferring directly knowledge in his mind with the help of his second Nascent Soul.[2]


Beast Form[]

It appears similar to a monkey. At first it was only about a foot tall with faintly glowing dark green fur. Most notably, its nose was bulging to an unusually large size as if it took up an entire half of its height. It appeared truly bizarre.[3]

After the first evolution the weeping soul beast had suddenly gained the ability to transform into a huge ape, and not long after, its fur soon turned an eye-catching silver.[4] Following his hibernation and definitive evolution other changes appeared. Its silver fur turned pitch-black, a slim cavity was formed between its two nostrils and crimson pattern depicting an evil spirit had appeared on it’s back. The evil spirit on its back had a single horn and three eyes; it gave any onlookers a feeling of malicious pressure.[5]

The second evolution allowed him to transform into multiple appearances, and because of his close relationship with Han Li, it chose to first appear as a black-robed Han Li with crimson eyes.[2] He revealed afterwards his true form. Its fur had turned red. Three crooked horns sprouted from the top of its head while its glabella revealed a crimson demonic eye. Three black bone spikes that were around 10 feet in length each also appeared on its back, and sinister black Yin Qi was swirling around them.[6]

Human Form[]

She had fair skin and a rather pretty face. However, there was a black scale at the center of her brow that looked like a vertical eye, and there were several crimson marks below her eyes, making her look rather exotic. Her appearance wasn't anything exceptional to begin with, but her smile was nonetheless incredibly alluring, making her look like a hundred flowers in full bloom.


  • First Evolution : After absorbing large quantities of Umbra beast soul essence. Gained the ability grow.[4]
    • Because the beast had consumed such a large quantity of umbra beast souls, it remained in deep sleep for some time before waking up and evolving definitely. His appearance also changed.[5]
  • Second Evolution : During Han Li's spar against Hu Qinglei to free Violet Spirit, Old Devil Hu used a treasure that used the projections of demon beasts with their demon souls. The Weeping Soul Beast absorbed them all and entered once again in deep sleep to evolve.[7]
    • It is finally in the Spirit Realm's Deep Heaven City that the Weeping Soul Beast will finish his evolution and achieved a stage where he learned a transformation technique.[2]

Rising to the True Immortal Realm[]

After I devoured the spiritual sense of that Heavenly Devilish Sovereign in the Golden Devil Mountain Ranges, massive changes have occurred within my body, and I can sense the call from the other realm.

Now, my body is being completely rejected by the power of heaven and earth of this realm, and I'll most likely be teleported to the legendary True Immortal Realm soon.

A dull rumbling sound suddenly rang out in the air above. The white mist overhead parted to reveal a vast expanse of five-colored light, which then transformed into a massive eyeball of light the size of a house.

The pupil of the eyeball was of a translucent crimson color, and its gaze immediately settled on the Weeping Soul Beast in an intent manner.

The eyeball then seemed to blink, following which an extraordinarily thick pillar of crimson light came crashing downward.

The Weeping Soul Beast was struck by the pillar of crimson light, and its body was instantly transported over 10,000 feet up into the air.

Han Li was completely unable to move, but he could still see that the Weeping Soul Beast had turned around with difficulty to take one final look at him from within the pillar of light. There was a very complex look on its face, and in the next instant, it disappeared into the giant eyeball.[8]

Grey Immortal Realm[]

Han Li eventually reunites with Weeping Soul in the Grey Immortal Realm and they take on the same master/spirit beast relationship.

Her new name is You Luo. She is very loyal to Han Li and they fight together against Gray Realm Great Encompassing cultivators in chapter 747.(Immortal Arc)

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