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Wei Lichen is an Elder of Flowing Mind Sect and a nephew of one of the great cultivators in Heavenly South Continent, Wei Wuya.

Wei Lichen appears to be elegant and noble, but he is a thieving hypocrite and a philanderer. He secretly performs Yin Drawing Techniques on his concubines.[1]


After Nangong Wan refused Wei Lichen's marriage request several times, Wei Lichen personally caused his great uncle, Wei Wuya to pay a visit to Masked Moon Sect. The Masked Moon Sect agreed to this marriage for promise of expanding out of the State of Beiliang and Wei Lichen leaving the Flowing Mind Sect after the marriage and joining the Masked Moon Sect.[1]

After Han Li visited Nangong Wan, she run away with him.[1] The Masked Moon Sect suddenly spread information that Fairy Nangong had suffered an inner demon backlash during cultivation and had lost her life, and that her engagement to the Wei Lichen was dissolved.[2]

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