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Fellow Daoist Han, on behalf of these Venomous Flood Dragon Scales, I will overlook the matter of you stealing away Fellow Daoist Nangong. As it wasn’t meant to be between Fairy Nangong and my nephew, there was nothing that could be done!
— Wei Wuya to Han Li[1]

Wei Wuya was one of the three great cultivators of the Heavenly South Region[2]. He was the Grand Elder of Flowing Mind Sect and leader of the Nine Nations Union.

Wei Wuya has a great-nephew named Wei Lichen who is also a Nascent Soul cultivator. Wei Wuya used his influence to force the Masked Moon Sect to arrange a marriage between Nangong Wan and his nephew. Unfortunately, this resulted in conflict between him and Han Li who broke the arranged marriage through his assault on the Masked Moon Sect[3].

First Meeting[]

Wei Wuya took notice of Han Li when news was spread of Han Li's ability to escape from the Moulan Divine Sages while being an Early-Nascent Soul cultivator. Assessing Han Li's battle prowess to be comparable to be a Mid-Nascent Soul stage, Wei Wuya invited Han Li to join a conference of the highest-grade cultivators in the Heavenly South[4]. At this conference, Wei Wuya met Han Li for the first time in-person.

Along with Master Sunreach and the Old Devil Concord, Wei Wuya shared that the Nine Nations Union received an official challenge of war.[5] In this challenge, 10 Nascent Soul cultivators from each side would battle in one-on-one fights in order to secure the release of cultivators from the Nine Nations that the Moulan had taken hostage. The cultivators at the meeting were the individuals chosen to represent the Heavenly South in these one-on-one fights. Knowing that Nascent Soul cultivators would not take risks without any gains, the thee great cultivators offered enticing rewards or threats that motivated the attendees.[6]

When negotiating with Han Li, Master Sunreach was wary of losing his chunk of Auric Essence and challenged Han Li to offer something of value beyond participation. Wei Wuya intervened reminding the room that Han Li had successfully contested Late-Nascent Soul Divine Sages while only being at the Early-Nascent Soul stage himself. Wei Wuya offered a large chunk of Auric Essence that Han Li needed to further refine his Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords. When Han Li showed visibly disappointment with the small amount of Auric Essence, Wei Wuya made a decision to reveal a second large chunk of the material.

In return, Han Li gave Wei Wuya the scales of the Grade 8 Venomous Flood Dragon. As the scales were extremely useful for Wei Wuya's cultivation, he visibly broke down his calm demeanor.[7] Wei Wuya instantly made a decision to give Han Li the last piece of Auric Essence that he originally intended to keep. Furthermore, given the usefulness of the scales, Wei Wuya decided to eliminate all animosity between the two for breaking the pre-arranged marriage between Nangong Wan and his nephew.[1]

Moulan battle at the border[]

As leader of the Nine Nations Union, Wei Wuya led the united forces against the Moulan[8]. He was surprised when the Moulan didn't seriously participate in the one-on-one fights, instead they used the fights to seal 10-Nascent Soul cultivators belonging to the union. Unfortunately, they had no methods to quickly free their forces. When all-out war began, Wei Wuya fought one of four Moulan Divine Sages. His battle was cut short when the Soaring Tribes invaded the territory of the Moulan. Unable to face two enemies, the Moulan sued for peace which surprised Wei Wuya.[9]

Devilfall Valley incident[]

Years later, Wei Wuya was invited by the Ghost Spirit Sect to help them traverse the Devilfall Valley in search of a Spirit Ether Garden. They promised him items to secure his agreement to assist them.[10] Arriving at the Devilfall Valley, he shocked other attendees causing them to speculate about his allegiance given he was working with the Devil Dao.[11] After the Ghost Spirit Sect opened a passageway into the valley, they immediately demanded compensation from anyone entering the valley.

Before entering the valley, Wei Wuya took the opportunity to survey and assess the different powers. He was particularly surprised observing the Spirit Controlling Sect whose grand elder brought six other Nascent Soul level cultivators. Unfamiliar with the faces probed the grand elder only to be shunned. These unknown cultivators were individuals who fused with other attributed Spirit Nascents. Wei Wuya noticed Han Li's presence and took the opportunity to greet him and learn why this youngster was entering the valley. Unable to obtain any valuable information, Wei Wuya let the matter go and entered the valley.[12]

Wei Wuya travelled together with Wang Tiansheng and Wang Tiangu.[10] He lent his assistance in opening the passage to what the Ghost Spirit Sect thought was the Spirit Ether Garden.[13] Once the passage was successfully opened, he realized that the group was misled by the soul of a Confucian scholar that the Ghost Spirit Sect had obtained in the hidden residence of a notorious cultivator. The passage way led to a pocket dimension containing the corpse of an Elder Devil.[14] The situation quickly spiraled out of control, as it turned out that the Confucian scholar was the disguised a soul fragment of the Elder Devil Bloodflame. Wei Wuya was then locked into a life-death struggle against the Elder Devil that needed to consume Nascent Souls to recover is power.[15] Wang Tiansheng and Wang Tiangu perished in the spatial tear collapse, when the devil was unsealed.[16]

Against the Devil, Wei Wuya was at a disadvantage. Luckily, he was saved when Han Li was forced to intervene in the conflict to save an elder of the Drifting Cloud Sect.[16] When another original soul of Elder Devil Bloodflame arrived, Wei Wuya cooperated with other Nascent Soul cultivators, like Daoist Heavencrystal or Ling Hu.[17] After one Elder Devil and Han Li were pulled into a spatial tear, the rest fought Bloodflame's soul fragment.[18] With Elder Devil in furry, the Moulan Sage Le and Divine Sage Zhong arrived. Desipte being able to cut off one of the devil's heads, it escaped the valley.[19]

While roaming the Heavenly South Region, Bloodflame consumed many Nascent Souls transforming into a being with three heads and six arms and obtaining power comparable to an early Deity Transformation cultivator. Then it destroyed the core of the grand sealing formation in one area of Endless Sea. Later, they managed to trap it in a grand formation. Many powerful cultivators, like Master Sunreach, fought Elder Devil. Although it received grievous injuries, Bloodflame fled into the Jin Empire's direction.[19] [20]


After damaging the sealing formation in the Endless Sea, a giant whirlpool came about and seven small islands have emerged around it. Along with Master Sunreach and Devil Concord, he resided there and studied the whirlpool.[20] About three decades later, Wei Wuya met Han Li, who had advanced to the mid Nascent Soul stage, again. They explained him what the Elder Devil has done, how the sealing formation, which was supressing devilish Qi, was loosing its spiritual Qi bit by bit and the release of devilish Qi could taint at least half of the Heavenly South Continent making it uninhabitable for human cultivators.[21] Devil Concord probed Wei Wuya, if he feared Han Li becoming too strong and suppressing the entire Heavenly South, but the older cultivator dismissed it. He said it was not worthy to antagonize Han Li.[22] Because of his Divine Devilbane Lightning, Han Li agreed to go down the whirlpool to restore the formation.[23] After he returned to the surface, the three cultivators were relieved. The formation was to be fixed.[24]

Emergence of the Fourth Great Cultivator[]

About 100 years later, Wei Wuya received an invitation from the Drifting Cloud Sect for a grand ceremony to celebrate the emergence of another Late-Nascent Soul stage cultivator within the Heavenly South. He participated in the ceremony with many other Nascent Soul cultivators. Han Li had challenged both Wei Wuya and Old Devil Concord at once and easily defeated them. He was dismayed to learn that Han Li had vast abilities.[25] After the ceremonies were over, Wei Wuya retreated to the Seven Spirit Islands where he later encountered Master Sunreach. As a friend, Wei Wuya gave his advice to avoid fighting with Han Li and enter seclusion. Wei Wuya also said final farewells as he knew that he would not reach the Deity Transformation stage before the end of his lifespan.[26]

Wei Wuya had passed away few years later. Even though he was only a step away from the Deity Transformation stage, it was that single step that barred him from being able to continue his pursuit of the Great Dao. Hearing about the end of this legendary figure, only served to cement Han Li's resolve in his pursuit of the Great Dao.[27]

Abilities and Treasures[]

Wei Wuya cultivates venomous techniques, allowing him to utilize Corpse Venom, one of the Ten Absolute Poisons.[28]

Bloated Corpse Poison is a green cloud formed from Wei Wuya's poison techniques. It is capable of killing any cultivator that touches it.[29]

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