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Meeting Han Li[]

When he was still at the Qi-Refinement stage, he resided on the Stalwart Star Island. When he reached Qi Condensation 6th stage, he worked as an organiser of the triennial island torunament between Qi-Refinement cultivators. During this event, he met Han Li, who was participating on behalf of Gu. Wen Qiang left Han Li with a favorable impression when they first met by providing information that helped Han Li understand the local customs.[1]


Later on, Wen Qiang bitterly cultivated achieving the Foundation Establishment stage after much difficulty. After some time spent wandering the Scattered Star Seas he met a female disciple of the Exquisite Sound Sect that he married.[?] His daughter - Wen Siyue was conceived.[2]

Ten years before he meets Han Li again, his wife participates in the Demon Banishing Ceremony. However, a big shot from the Star Palace thought the assigned rank 3 demonic beast too weak and boring, thus the opponent was suddenly changed to a rank 5 demonic beast. As the massacre raged, no one stepped in to stop the carnage, only reveling in the entertainment without regard for the sacred nature of neither the ceremony nor the name of the Two Sages. The event ended in the total annihilation of the participants, among which were his wife.[3]

Colosseum Coup[]

Upon reuniting with Han Li, he explains that he became a single-father, after his wife died[2] from a strange illness.[?] He signs up for the Demon Banishing Ceremony in collaboration with Elder Gu, but exchanges his number tag with Qu Hun so that Han Li and Qu Hun may participate in the same round together. During the battle, he leaves the audience and enters the colosseum's control room, where he sabotages the island's defensive formation.[?]

When Han Li happens upon him in the control room by accident, he explains his motivations for bringing down the Demon Banishing Colosseum. Wen Qiang claims he is not exacting revenge on behalf of his late wife, but because he needs Zenith Yin Island to save his daughter's life. He admits that Zenith Yin Island is not much better, if not worse, than Star Palace and that it's unfortunate that he has no better option.[3]

However, since Han Li and Qu Hun are outsiders, he had wanted them to leave quietly without getting involved after the seventh battle, which is why he exchanged his numbered tag with Qu Hun. He had not expected his superiors to act before the agreed upon time, and that the two of them would get caught up in the chaos. Therefore, Wen Qiang helps Han Li and his friends escape the island with a teleportation formation, saying he won't be able to leave after all he's done. As they depart, Wen Qian stays behind, singing a song for the deceased as the room explodes.[3]

Old age[]

Due to internal politics within the Exquisite Sound Sect, Wen Qiang was forced to accompany his daughter on an impossible task to obtain a precious material from the hostile Poison Dragon Union's territory.[?] He later met Han Li - now a Core Formation cultivator, by chance as Han Li was rushing towards the Heavenvoid Hall. Luckily, Han Li arrived to save Wen Qiang and his daughter from three Poison Dragon Foundation Establishment cultivators.[4]

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