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Wen Siyue (文思月wén sī yuè), renowned as the Moon Maiden in the Scattered Star Seas,[1] is the daughter of Wen Qiang and a disciple of the Exquisite Sound Sect. She is also a cultivator of the same sect as her mother.[2] In the donghua however, she is fending for herself as an orphan on the streets.[3]


File:Wen Siyue Manhua Fullbody.png

In the manhua, Siyue sports a jade teal color palette and has much longer hair. She also wears much more luxurious clothes, which is more reminiscent of silk. Her shoulders are bare, and she wears a darker teal corset with a silver butterfly motif. On her forehead, she has a black dot. She has parted her bangs into two long strands, and keeps the rest up in a tall pinned bun.[?]

Wen Siyue Donghua Fullbody

In the donghua, Siyue features a baby blue and pink color palette. She wears a short vest with pink checker embroidery on it, over a blue tank top, and sports a pink skirt with a green beaded belt. She also have darker arm protections made out of wrapped pink cloth. She has a straight bob and bangs, and has braids going from the top of her head to behind her eart.[3] After she joins the Exquisite Sound Sect, she has longer wavier hair without bangs, and wears flowing violet fabrics with long sleeves stopping at her upper arms.[4]



She was considered a prodigy ascending to the Foundation Establishment stage faster than her father. She married and became the Dao Companion of a young cultivator with limitless prospects. Unfortunately this cultivator died in a fight shortly after they married. She did not remarry, and unintentionally offended a higher-ranking member. As a result, she was sent on a perilous mission, so her father decided to accompany her to lend his support. They were discovered by three hostile cultivators, but was saved by Han Li.[2]

In the donghua, she is orphaned after her father's death, and left to fend for herself on the streets. She tries to make ends meet by selling items such as maps to people on the street, though people will gossip about her for not having parents to take care of her and for trying to make money at such a young age. Han Li helps her when the ship is attacked by a Beastly Tide and she gives her benefactor a tour of the city, very much reminiscent of her father, before Han Li sends her off with a generous pouch of Spiritual Stones.[3]


Realm Chapter Manhua
Foundation Establishment 429 S4 EP4
Core Formation 1134


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