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Wen Tianren was a disciple of Archsaint Six Paths and was famed as the strongest Core Formation cultivator in the Scattered Star Seas.[1] [2]


Wen Tianren appeared gentle and refined, but he wasn't magnanimous. Rather, he was a cunning, sinister, fickle and temperamental man that would kill others at a whim in a display of overwhelming power. He was incredibly proud of having his spiritual sense match that of a Nascent Soul eccentric and couldn't accept a similar grade cultivator with abilities superior to his.[1]


First Meeting[]

As Wen Tianren was travelling in the flying chariot with Wang Ning, he noticed a heavenly omen over one of the islands. He recognized it as use of Soulrise Technique and wanted to meet Core Formation cultivator responsible for that.[1] After rejecting an offer of joining Divine Dove Hall and not recognizing Wang Ning, Han Li, under Appearance Exchange Art, fought Wen Tianren.[2] Young Master had to sacrifice left arm, when Han Li used Yin Devil Execution, but he soon recovered it. Then he was in disbelief as his opponent easily destroyed six Apex Devil phantoms.[3] Despite using the Golden Mirrors of Eight Gates and Divine Golden Flames, they battled for a day and night without clear outcome.[4] After all of them were caught in the ghost mist, they were teleported into the Umbra Realm.[5]

Umbra Realm[]

While being in Umbra Realm, Wen Tianren encountered Han Li again, while climbing Stormwind Mountain. Unable to use spiritual energy and any techniques, Han Li killed him with a dagger thrown at the back of his neck.[6]


Wen Tianren was at late Core Formation stage.[1]

Six Apex Devils Art summons six huge malevolent phantoms with horns on each of their heads, tusks emerging from their mouths and scales covering their bodies. They can spit grey devilfire.[3]

Cataclysmic Graft is a legendary Devil Dao technique. It allows to use a limb, that had been refined in advance, as a substitute to block an attack from reaching their body. Apparently, this technique could only be refined by Nascent Soul cultivators.[3]

Divine Golden Flames Although they weren't as powerful as the Celestial Ice Flames, let alone the Sacred Asura Flames, they were still on the same level as Zenith Yin's corpsefire.[7]

He had a replica of the Golden Mirrors of Eight Gates were ancient palm-sized, octagonal mirrors that appeared to be made of pure gold. They can reflect off light beam, each time making it thicker.[8]

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