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Wen Tianren was a disciple of Archsaint Six Paths and was famed as the strongest Core Formation cultivator in the Scattered Star Seas.[1] [2]


Wen Tianren appeared gentle and refined, but he wasn't magnanimous. Rather, he was a cunning, sinister, fickle and temperamental man that would kill others at a whim in a display of overwhelming power. He was incredibly proud of having his spiritual sense match that of a Nascent Soul eccentric and couldn't accept a similar grade cultivator with abilities superior to his.[1]


First Meeting[]

As Wen Tianren was traveling in the flying chariot with Wang Ning, he noticed a heavenly omen over one of the islands. He recognized it as use of Soulrise Technique and wanted to meet Core Formation cultivator responsible for that.[1] After rejecting an offer of joining Divine Dove Hall and not recognizing Wang Ning, Han Li, under Appearance Exchange Art, fought Wen Tianren.[2] Young Master had to sacrifice left arm, when Han Li used Yin Devil Execution, but he soon recovered it. Then he was in disbelief as his opponent easily destroyed six Apex Devil phantoms.[3] Despite using the Golden Mirrors of Eight Gates and Divine Golden Flames, they battled for a day and night without clear outcome.[4] After all of them were caught in the ghost mist, they were teleported into the Umbra Realm.[5]

Along with his concubines, Wen Tianren was traveling across the Inner Star Seas in a chariot. Coincidentally he was nearby a heavenly omen disturbance that signaled either incoming fortunes or an incoming disaster. In investigating the omen, he discovered that the omen contained large concentrations of Yin Energy allowing him to deduce the use of the Soulrise Technique which signaled incoming peril.

Other Core Formation cultivators were unable to sense the difference resulting in conflict between a Late-Core Formation cultivator defending the island. Wen Tianren attempted to stealthily observe the situation using his spiritual sense. However, he was instead shocked to learn that the Late-Core Formation cultivator detected him. Having let his pride and ego go to his head, Wen Tianren was eager to fight this Late-Core Formation cultivator to prove that he was the strongest Core Formation cultivator within the Inner Star Seas. In confronting this Late-Core Formation cultivator he met Han Li for the first time.

Wen Tianren engaged in battle with Han Li. Contrary to Wen Tianren's expectations, Han Li managed to force a stalemate resulting in a battle of attrition that spanned several days. In this battle of attrition, Wen Tianren was losing. Wen Tianren received numerous shocks during the battle. He discovered that his opponent had some close relationship with a renown devil Qing Yi because his opponent possessed Qing Yi's renown Nightazure Needles. In an escalating battle, Wen Tianren was forced to sacrifice his arm using his Cataclysmic Graft technique to defend against his opponents Yin Devil Execution technique. While he had narrowly avoided the attack, the use of the Cataclysmic Graft took a toll on his energy reserves.

Sensing a possibility for defeat, Wen Tianren escalated by using his Six Apex Devils. Overconfident, he was given a surprise when his devils were effortlessly eliminated by Divine Devilbane Lightning from his opponent. Realizing that he was badly matched given that his devilish techniques were easily countered by the lightning, Wen Tianren resorted to using a replica of the original Golden Mirrors of Eight Gates that had once eliminated one generation of Heavenly Star Sages. Unfortunately for Wen Tianren his opponent countered the divine flame attack unleashed by the replica of the mirror. This stalemate resulted in a war of attrition that lasted for several days. Unlike his opponent, he could not regenerate his expended Spiritual Energy. As a result, Wen Tianren was on the losing side of this war.

Sensing his imminent loss, he requested external assistance from his concubines. Unfortunately, the battle was interrupted with the appearance of the Ghost Mist triggered by the Soulrise Technique. Wen Tianren was caught in the mist and pulled into the Umbra Realm.

Umbra Realm[]

While trapped in the Umbra Realm, Wen Tianren was unable to draw upon his Spiritual Energy to use magical techniques. Fortunately, as a cultivator he tempered his body making him stronger than mortals in the realm. He managed to find and save his most favored concubine. Together, they found the method to escaping the realm and began climbing the Stormwind Mountain towards the exit. Along the way Wen Tianren unexpected encountered Han Li. Unprepared, Wen Tianren attempted to flee after a minor skirmish told him that his opponent possessed vastly superior physical prowess. Unfortunately, in an attempt to flee Wen Tianren was killed by a dagger to the back of his neck[6].


Wen Tianren was at late Core Formation stage.[1]

Han Li and and Immortal Xu from the Endless Sky Temple in the Jin Empire was hailed as a genius for reaching the nascent soul realm before or around the age of four hundred but its implied that Wen Tianrian had an amazing aptitude and with the pair cultivation method his master created(Dragon guiding art quickly speeding his cultivation)his appearance was in his late twenties(26-29yrs old) at the late- core-formation realm(Keep in mind the higher one cultivation and the younger their appearance, it reflect the speed of their cultivation early on. Wen Tianrian got to the late stages of core formation because of the Heavenly dual cultivation method the dragon guiding art, and had he not died he would've became the youngest and fastest to ever reach the early nascent soul status in the inner chaos seas, perhaps it would only take anywhere 20-60years to form his core, he would then have the option of using the Copulative Essence Arts to advance through one bottleneck at either the mid or late nascent soul stage. The way Han Li spoke on Wen Tianran speed in chapter 645, it seems to be the fastest he's ever seen or heard about.

He Practice pair cultivation techniques for cultivation speed created by his master the Dragon Guiding Arts for the Core Formation and later had he not died the Copulative Essence Arts for the Nascent Soul.

  • Dragon Guiding Arts- Explained by Han Li its particularly suitable for Core Formation males, allowing a Core Formation cultivator to unceasingly draw on the vital Yin essence of a woman with a special constitution, greatly raising their cultivation. “However, this secret technique was certain to cause great harm to the woman’s origin Qi. As such, any male cultivators using this technique would best have many concubines. Considering the many Foundation Establishment women at Archsaint Six Paths’ disciple’s side, he should’ve cultivated this technique. Otherwise, there would be no way he could’ve cultivated to late Core Formation stage at his young age, no matter how amazing his aptitude. After all, he didn’t have a miraculous bottle that could age plants
  • Copulative Essence Art - the Copulative Essence Arts, its a secret pair cultivation technique that is specialized for Nascent Soul men. Unlike the Dragon Guiding Arts, it requires a woman to possess cultivation at Core Formation stage. Once a woman cultivates this technique to a deep enough stage, the male cultivator would be able to forcefully break through a cultivation bottleneck in an instant by seizing her vital Yin, It is only natural that he would want his concubines to cultivate with all their might. This technique requires a woman possessing deep cultivation after all, the woman would also benefit from the dual cultivation as well but not to the same level as the male.
  • Six Apex Devils Art summons six huge malevolent phantoms with horns on each of their heads, tusks emerging from their mouths and scales covering their bodies. They can spit grey devilfire.[3]
  • Cataclysmic Graft is a legendary Devil Dao technique. It allows to use a limb, that had been refined in advance, as a substitute to block an attack from reaching their body. Apparently, this technique could only be refined by Nascent Soul cultivators.[3]
  • Divine Golden Flames Although they weren't as powerful as the Celestial Ice Flames, let alone the Sacred Asura Flames, they were still on the same level as Zenith Yin's corpsefire.[7]
  • Golden Mirrors of Eight Gates(replica)- An ancient palm-sized octagonal mirrors that appeared to be made of pure gold. They can reflect off light beam, each time making it thicker.[8]
  • Blue streak Awl-Surrounded by winding talisman, a small weapon engulf in a streak of blue light, wen tianren spat it out his mouth during his first attack against Han Li.
  • Small Purple Long Flag-Up on activating a cloud of purple/violet mist surround and hides Wen tianren allowing all attack to go through the clouds as though nothing were there, leaving him unharmed(the cloud possessed a miraculous effect of shifting one's position an evasion technique with great efficacy)The effect stays active until dispelled by owner or enemies. He can also uses other treasures and powers inside the clouds to attack.
  • Ancient copper shield- A powerful shield used to block physical and magical attacks.
  • Flying Thread Golden Needles- One of the most difficult item to master! yet he masters it at a young age. Thin Flying golden needles that were only about an inch long with several hundred of them no less and had a golden luster with thread attached, holding fearsome power. The needles can condensing into into different weapons shapes, as it did turn into a golden sword in an instant. tianren use this to almost decimate all of Han Li powerful Gold Devouring Beetles
  • Silver Bell- Large ancient silver bell Wen Tianren used attack Han Li. It was later acquired by Han Li.
  • Dark green plate of inner armor - Inner armor used to block a direct attack to the chest from a dagger from Han Li in the Umbra Realm
  • Four Celestials Belt -It is embedded with four miraculous gems that are capable of resisting wind, fire, water and earth. Additionally, it is capable of keeping one’s mind calm. It truly is a rare treasure. Wen Tianrian had relied much on this belt to journey in the Umbra Realm land without obstruction                

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