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Wu Chou (乌丑Wū chǒu) of Zenith Yin Island was a Core Formation (Middle Stage) cultivator[1] immersed in the Devil Dao. He was the grandson of Zenith Yin, and a high ranking member of the Zenith Yin Island Sect. Wu Chou was stronger than other Early Core Formation cultivators due to the Profound Yin Arts he practiced.[2]

Appearance and Personality[]

Wu Chou was short, shriveled and a thin youth. He had black-pocked face.[?] He calls himself a boorish man.[3]


As Zenith Yin's grandson, he has been shown great favor shown when his grandfather brought him into the Heavenvoid Halls to obtain magical treasure, saved him from near certain death, and was given Demon Corpses equivalent to Core Formation cultivators as protection. While shown favor, Wu Chou has been used as a tool of his grandfather who can use the Profound Yin Arts to take over Wu Chou's body at any moment in time.[?]


He is able to teleport through a warp portal.[3]

Shield Cloud (Profound Yin Art)
A black cloud of "Profound Yin" spiritual energy (Qi) that can hide appearance of the wielder taking the form of a moving black cloud. The wielder can command parts of the cloud to condense into an shield that is impenetrable by cultivators of the same stage and level.[?]


Black Sword
A magical treasure that can be kept within the body and drawn by spitting the sword out through the mouth. The sword can move faster than lightning and can be controlled by the wielder.[?]



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Wu Chou has either appeared or been mentioned  3 times
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