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Wu Yan (舞岩Wǔ yán) is a member of the Seven Mysteries Sect, joining at 13 years old. He comes from a wealthy family who runs a martial arts dojo with several beneficial family connections.[1]




"From a young age, he had practiced external martial arts, though he could not be considered excellent," but sufficient enough to trample other children who had never practiced martial arts before. Thanks to the privileges given to him from his family background and connections, and his prior martial arts training, he were considered among the elite in the sect's inner disciple examinations. At 13 years old, he was actually too old to join the Inner Disciple Examinations of the Seven Mysteries Sect, but this fact was overlooked,[1] because one of his older female cousins were married to Vice Sect Leader Ma.[2]

He well performed during the examination: He was first to climb the Bone Refining Cliff[3] and was accepted in the Seven Supreme Division to learn the sect's secret skills and martial arts. Other senior disciples expressed envy and jealousy at him being selected as a core disciple after the examination despite meager skills, accusing him of riding on his family's petticoats.[2]


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