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Wu Yan


His older female cousin married with the Sect Leader of the Seven Mysteries Sect wich allowed him to take the Inner Disciple Examinations despite being already thirteen.

"This youth’s name was Wu Yan. He was 13 years old, one of the oldest children to be seated inside the carriage. Normally, he would not be even here since his age had already exceeded the age limit, but one of his older female cousins was married to someone of authority inside the Seven Mysteries Sect. Therefore, Wu Yan’s age was purposely overlooked and he was allowed to join the selection. Wu Yan’s family ran a martial arts dojo, so he had access to a considerable amount of wealth. From a young age, he had practiced external martial arts. Even though his talent could not be considered excellent, when facing against Han Li’s type - children who had never practiced martial arts before - it was more than enough for Wu Yan to trample them underfoot. It was very clear that children like Wu Yan, who came from powerful wealthy families and had previously practiced martial arts, could be considered the elite within the groups of children inside the carriage."[1]


He well performed during the Examination he was first to climb the cliff and was accepted in the Seven Supreme Division.

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