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Xiao Bai was a primordial true spirit Black-Eyed Pixiu.


Beast Form[]

The Pixiu looked like something that regular people liked to play with. Its surface was slightly yellowed and had a warm sheen to it.

Human Form[]

He was a young child in a white robe. He had red lips, white teeth, and ink-black eyes. Despite not having fully matured yet and looking rather childish, he looked rather similar to his father who was handsome.[3]

He had turned into a rather handsome young man with red lips and white teeth. There was a golden stripe at the center of its brow, making it look like a closed vertical eye.[4]


It did have quite a bit of good fortune to be able to discover some treasures of heaven and earth that were well-hidden. Furthermore, as its strength increased, its talent would also improve.

Another talent was that was born without an anus and its stomach formed a world of its own. That was something that would kill and erase all evidence of its involvement.

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