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Xiao Cha (萧诧xiāo chà), better known as the Bone Sage (玄骨上人xuán gǔ shàng rén), was a cultivator presiding in the Scattered Star Seas. He has lived for over a thousand years. He was a Nascent Soul cultivator prior to his betrayal by his traitorous Core Formation disciples Zenith Yin and Zenith Brilliance. They had conspired to seal the Bone Sage within an ancient formation that also kept cultivators outside from reaching Xiao Cha.[?]

To extend his lifespan to take revenge on his disciples he turned his physical body into a profound soul scattering his Nascent Soul and regressing to become a Late Core-Formation cultivator. In the process Xiao Cha essentially became a ghost.[2]

Before the betrayal, he gave a pair of Bloodjade Spiders to Zenith Brilliance. He planned to use them in the Heavenvoid Hall to seize the Heavenvoid Cauldron.[3]





Escape from Captivity[]

Xiao Cha was unknowingly freed from captivity when a group of cultivators, hoping to acquire rare treasure, forcefully destroyed the Ancient Formation and Spirit Sealing Pillar that was used to imprison him. Xiao Cha was awoken by the disturbance observed the group of cultivators as individuals met their demise at various traps within his secluded hall. He chose to reveal his presence when Han Li rendered the traps ineffective through observation.[4]

Xiao Cha effortlessly killed Shi Die, and Jin Qing. However, Xiao Cha was surprised when he discovered Han Li possessed magical treasure with Divine Devilbane Lightning, immediately identifying Han Li as a formidable threat.[5] Xiao Cha stole the physical body of Crooked Soul allowing him to leave captivity.[6] During a brief discussion with Han Li, Xiao Cha learned that his disciple Zenith Yin had condensed a Nascent Soul and became an Island master. Recognizing that his traitorous disciples might have been alerted to the destruction of the Ancient formation and that the Heavenvoid Hall had opened, Xiao Cha chose to quickly exit the area. Before leaving he verified that Han Li was not a disciple of Zenith Yin or Zenith Brilliance through discussion and examination of Han Li's cultivation arts.[2]

Heavenvoid Hall[]

Xiao Cha participated in both the outer and inner hall trials. He was surprised to see Han Li enter the waiting room to the outer trial who he had just seen days before. After some contemplation, Xiao Cha solicited Han Li's cooperation in seeking revenge against Zenith Yin by offering to assist Han Li obtain a rare spiritual herb that can help condense a Nascent Soul.[7]

Xiao Cha intended to betray Han Li during the attempt to acquire the rare Nine Ginseng spiritual herb by trapping Han Li within a formation. However, Xiao was surprised when his scheme was discovered and avoided. [8] A brief scuttle between Xiao Cha and Han Li was interrupted by the arrival of Zenith Yin.[9] The Grandmaster wanted his help in the Inner Halls.[10] The Bone Sage was advising Han Li what to do from concealment. After a bit of coercion, Han Li agreed to join Zenith Yin.[11]

The Bone Sage was following Devil and Righteous Dao cultivators.[12] As Nascent Soul cultivators fought for the Heavenvoid Cauldron, Xiao Cha was just watching.[13] When an ancient Spirit Wolf treasure escaped from the cauldron as it was being lifted, the Bone Sage clashed with Wu Chou.[14] When Nascent Soul cultivators chased after Man Huzi and the Heavenmend Pill, the Bone Sage killed Wu Chou, who was even assisted by 2 Heavenwide Corpses.[3] Then the Bone Sage and Han Li made the cauldron reappear.[15] As he tried to dispose youngster Han, they clashed.[16] Despite using powerful Sacred Asura Flames, refined by using Celestial Ice Flames, Han Li resisted with his Divine Devilbane Lightning. Being unable to control the flames, the Bone Sage died after Han Li's interference.[17]




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