A Record of a Mortal is Journey to Immortality Wiki


Celestial Ice Flames[]

A flame that freezes all that it touches whether it is objects, or energy such as lightning or other flames. Its form may be manipulated by the wielder. Its power can easily deal with Nascent Soul cultivators. The source of power for the Celestial Ice Flames comes from a Celestial Ice Pearl that is consumed by the wielder. The wielder can extract flames from the pearl, but they must vigilantly control the flames they extract. If they lose control the flames can quickly consume the wielder.

Devilbane Lightning Arrow[]

Profound Soul Demonification[]

A technique that turns a physical body into a profound soul (ghost) effectively extending ones lifespan without limit. Usage grants Xiao Cha all the benefits of being a ghost such as becoming immune to physical attacks. However, there are consequences such as being vulnerable to beasts or spiritual weapons that consume or scatter ghosts. Use of Profound Soul Demonification forever closes the ability to enter the immortal and spiritual realms.

Profound Yin Art[]