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Xiao Hong was a late Deity Transformation stage demon from the Black Phoenix Clan.[1]

First Meeting[]

After the Young Master of the Black Phoenix Clan was seduced by a daughter of City Lord Zhao from An Yuan City, they had a daughter, named Dai'er. Black Phoenix Clan have organized and sent a Beast Torrent onto them to get that girl with their bloodline. After city fell, Xiao Hong found the City Lord, but his granddaughter went missing.[2] Then, she noticed a Nascent Soul cultivator from Dark Corpse Valley. After she pretended to leave, the cultivator used the Corpse Transformation Technique on corpse of City Lord Zhao. Then she reappeared and killed that member of Dark Corpse Valley and took the refined corpse for herself.

Demonic Maiden sent the refined City Lord Zhao's corpse to the camp of survivors from the An Yuan City. It wanted to take Dai'er and leave.[3] No one saw through it except Han Li, who noticed a corpse Qi. At night, 50 kilometers from the encampment, corpse puppet noticed following Han Li. The youngster easily killed 3 demon beasts.[4] Then Xiao Hong appeared to confront him, but Han Li pulled out 2 Immortal Vanquishing Beads. This made her wary. She tried bewitchment techniques, but to no avail. Dai'er decided to go with Xiao to Black Phoenix Clan, after she learnt some details about her race from legacy pearl. Once seeing her determination, Han Li left.[5]

Divine Blood[]

About 40 years later, Xiao Hong accompanied Huan Cangqi to the human Setting Sun City. There they learnt about humans helping the Spirit Tribe traitor and sent envoy from the Heavenly Origin Sage's palace. As they didn't want humans get runaways Spirits, they decided to act. Huan Cangqi followed Spirit Lord Huang Liang and Demonic Maiden Xiao went straight to the Setting Sun Tomb.[6] Outside of the Chaotic Valley, she clashed with Spirit Huang Shi, who was blocking the entrance. After Huan Cangqi appeared and City Lord Lan and Spirit Lord Huang Liang, they made a deal to work together against the Spirits.[1] Xiao Hong and City Lord Lan led united cultivators to attack together the stone giants and wooden birds of the Spirit Tribe. Both of them managed to slip by into the valley though.[7]

After Huan Cangqi and Spirit Lord Huang Liang acquired a vial of Divine Blood, Profound Spirit Xu Tian appeared again, but it was Han Li, who seized the vial and run away.[8]

Mission in the Primordial World[]

Over 200 years later, Xiao Hong participated in a mission created by the Deep Heaven City to scout the movements of the Wood Spirit Tribe and gather information from spies within. She travelled together with a demon surnamed Li from Dark Falcon Clan, and 3 humans, Long Dong, Ye Ying and Han Li.[9] After she felt the Heavenly Phoenix Blood from Ye Ying, she planned her murder with Daoist Li.[10] During months of travel, they encountered a Lighting Turtle and rare Zoysia Dragon Fruits.[11]

When they reached the Great Southern Desert, they noticed a small town of humans there.[12] It turned out to be an illusion of the Shadow Tribe.[13] Crimson shadow captured a demon surnamed Li, who in the last moment self-detonated. Xiao Hong was chased by 2 puppets possessed by green shadows, but she defeated them.[14] Weeks later, four of them reunited.[15] After reaching their destination in the Black Leaves Forest and founding a message from the spies within the Wood Tribe, they were attacked by powerful Wood Spirit.[16]

Month later, Long Dong and other Spatial Tempering family members attacked Ye Ying on her way back.[17] Xiao Hong wanted a heavenly phoenix feather. After, she refused to go away, Han Li attacked her.[18] Despite her powerful spatial abilities, Xiao Hong was defeated, when Han Li used the Law Destruction Eye. He spared her life and only captured her, because he didn't want to antagonize the Black Phoenix Clan.[19] Afterwards, he left her to Ye Ying and Ye Chu.[20]

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