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Xiao Long , or simply Long, is a cultivator who joined the Huge Whale Sect.[1]




Han Li met him when he was disguising himself among the mortals, as the shopkeeper of the Small Green Bamboo Pavilion. Little Long entered the shop with his dad and confirmed that he had a spiritual root with one of the store's Spiritual Root Talismans, but since he couldn't pay upfront, Han Li agreed to let him put the purchase on credit. Ever since, he visited the store regularly to deliver the news.[2] Ten years later, he joined the Huge Whale Sect as an adult. Han Li gifted him a Storage Pouch.[1] Since he only had a False Spiritual Root, he was at risk of being used as cannon fodder. He was injured at work, and his father carried him to Han Li's shop, who healed him. He lost his cultivation, and Han Li left the deed to his shop to him.[3]


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