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Xin Ruyin (辛如音) is a formation spell master [craftsman] who suffers from Dragon Chant's Physique.


Ruyin was born with Dragon Chant's Physique, which is a chronic illness that gradually shifts and withers her meridians when she forcefully cultivates. She claims it's a miracle that she managed to live for as long as she has.

Due to his unrequited love for her, Qi Yunxiao spent his life looking to cure her. After he dies while gathering supplies at her request, she marries him posthumously, making herself a widow for life. Unfortunately, her meridians have already withered, meaning the herbs that her husband painstakenly gathered for her sake are wasted on her, as she is fated to die within two years.

She later helps Han Li to repair the Ancient Teleportation Formation that allows him to reach the Scattered Star Seas. She also gifts him Yunxiao's journals in exchange for verbally promising to exact revenge upon the Fu Clan for killing her husband. She is satisfied in spite of Han Li's conditional promise, where he may never have the chance to fulfill her wish in his life, since he promises to make a move only when he is prepared to. Upon handing over the ancient teleportation arrays, she also gifts him a storage pouch containing a few array flags and discs made by her and her husband, saying she won't be needing them anymore.[1]

She later succumbs to her illness. After she passes away, Han Li meets her reincarnation in the Scattered Star Seas and helps her overcome her fated disease.[?]


  • Her attendant's name Mei.
  • Fu Clan - Enemies


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