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The Yan Clan was the strongest cultivator clan in the State of Yue.[1] They were based in Lin Province, with their most important location being Yan Ling Castle in the Yan Liang Mountain.[2] They are the organizers responsible for the Treasure Seizing Assembly.[1]


The ancestors of the Yan clan were former members of the Ghost Spirit Sect. Due to discord with other cultivators in the sect, they left and established the Yan clan in the State of Yue.[3][4] As a result, their Cultivation Arts align with the Devil Dao.[4]


The Yan clan was already an ally of the Seven Sects of the State of Yue at the start of the story.[?] Then, they began hosting the Treasure Seizing Assembly to build relationships with strong cultivators.[1]

War of the Orthodox and Unorthodox sects[]

When the clan was organizing another Treasure Seizing Assembly, the Yan clan ancestor was visited by the young master of the Ghost Spirit Sect,[1] who proposed that the Yan clan reunify with the Ghost Spirit Sect. In exchange, he offered a Thousand Spirit Sutras, the position of a deputy sect master in exchange for Yan Ruyan's marriage to Wang Chan and pair cultivation the Great Blood Spirit Art, and a claim of the position of the Yan Clan Master for their offspring.[3]

After debate, the Yan Clan decided to betray the Seven Sects of the State of Yue and join the Ghost Spirit Sect. They wanted to use this opportunity to grow in strenght.[4] They colluded with the Ghost Spirit Sect's Young Master to trap and refine the souls of the cultivators attending to the Treasure Seizing Assembly in the Yan Clan Castle.[5]

Emergence of the Fourth Great Cultivator[]

After the Ghost Spirit Sect lost 2 Nascent Soul cultivators and a large number of Core Formation cultivators in Devilfall Valley[6], they weren't as powerful as before.[7] Yan Ruyan and other Nascent Soul cultivator of Yan Clan started to rule the sect.[8]

The Spirit Controlling Sect, Devilflame Sect, and the newly-arisen Blood Slaughter Sect have joined forces to bring down the Ghost Spirit Sect.[9] About 130 years after the war against the Moulan tribes, during Han Li's grand wedding to Nangong Wan,[10] elders of the Ghost Spirit Sect visited Han Li, beseeching him to help their sect. For their survival, they were willing to even vacate the State of Yue.[8] Han Li agreed to help them with condition of Wang Chan's death. He also received a Wood Spirit Gathering Bead.[11]


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