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Yan Li (妍丽Yán lì) is a cultivator born to the small Azure Yang Sect in the Scattered Star Seas. She is very close to her junior martial sister Yuan Yao. Both have average aptitude and mediocre cultivation techniques.[3]




When they were at the final stage of Qi Condensation,[4] Yan Li and Yuan Yao decided to leave their small sect in search of a Dao Companion with profound cultivation, who could help them ascend further in their cultivation.[3] For this purpose, they wore simple, provocative garments to attract potential suitors.

When they arrived on Stalwart Star Island, the duo wandered the Sky Capital Market (the island's commercial district). To their dismay, they only attracted several men at the Qi Condensation stage. When she caught sight of Qu Hun, then a Late-Foundation Establishment cultivator.[5] They offer to guide Qu Hun, and in extension his "junior" Han Li around the island, but Qu Hun rejects their offer.[4]


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