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Ye Clan was the royal imperial family and the top clan in the Great Jin.[1]

They possessed seven Nascent Soul stage Elders. They also owned the Three Royal Monastery, which was a female Daoist institution. Their true strength wasn't any lesser than a large cultivator sect.


Often when the royal family increased slightly in power, many great factions in the Great Jin immediately joined hands in dispatching several Nascent Soul cultivators to deal with them. Afterwards, they would found a reason in passing as justification for the killings.

Ye Clan was amassing strength in secret. They wanted to acquire 2 Divine Spirit Treasures from legends to raise in power and be equal to the great factions, like the Ten Great Righteous Dao Sects and Ten Great Devil Dao Sects.[2] [3]

Elder Devil Bloodflame, disguised as Han Li, agreed to serve the Ye Clan for twenty years as "Elder Han". His knowledge of ancient secrets has proven to be essential to their cause. He wanted them to look for Han Li and devilish arifacts in exchange.[4]

Ye Clan used the Three Royal Monastery to refine a treasure, the Mountain Crushing Seal. Sects like High Zenith Sect or Heavenly Devil Sect were interested. But it was only a bait to conceal their true scheme.[5] During an underground auction, Elders of the Imperial Ye Clan put the Mountain Crushing Seal on sale.[6] High Zenith Sect bought this treasure.[7]

Kunwu Mountain[]

After a hundred of years clan's formation grandmasters had spent researching a method to dissolve the restrictions, Ye Clan finally gathred its leaders and set off to Kunwu Mountain to acquire 2 Divine Spirit Treasures.[3]

As cultivators of Ye Clan were working on making an opening in the seal, formations activated suddenly and pillars of light surged high into the sky. Their concealment formations have all been destroyed, and the disciples that managed them have disappeared without a trace.[8] They decided to hasten their effors, before other factions would notice and arrive there.[9] While climbing the Kunwu Mountain, they were attacked by a Lion Hawk and noticed the Silver-winged Nightfiend[10] [11] After breaking many restrictions, Ye Clan elders and disguised Elder Devil finally arrived at the top of Kunwu Mountain.[12] They split to explore the Spirit Treasure Pavilion, the Devil Suppressing Pagoda and Kunwu Hall.[13]

After a change occurred in the sky above the Devil Suppressing Pagoda, Ye Clan Grand Elder and others headed there. Inside they battled cultivators like the Nightfiend, Grand Immortal Xu or Bai Yaoyi.[14] [15] Inside, while competing for the Eight Spirit Ruler, injured Ye Yuesheng suddenly appeared pursued by possessed Hua Tianqi. Ye Clan's Grand Elder was shocked by his appearance and state.[16] After Long Meng divulged Ye Yuesheng worked with Elder Devil Sacred Ancestor Yuan Cha, the Grand Elder turned frigid.[17] Then two-headed four-armed Bloodflame and Yuan Cha's soul fragment arrived. The Grand Elder made an alliance with Long Meng. Yuan Cha's soul fragment destroyed bodies of 2 Ye Clan Elders with a flick of her finger and Ye Yuesheng moved to seize the Eight Spirit Ruler. Ye Clan Grand Elder attacked him with the Black Blood Blade.[18] He wanted to execute the traitor. As Yuan Cha's soul fragment devoured 3 Nascent Souls of Ye Clan Elders, the Grand Elder was shocked and resented Long Meng for not saving them.[19]

Later, intending to destroy the seal on 9th floor of pagoda and release a powerful devilish Qi, Devil Ancestor Yuan Cha's soul fragment detonated the Black Wind Flag causing a black hole and spatial tears to appear.[20] Fate of Ye Clan Grand Elder is unknown. No member of the clan returned from this mountain.

Afterwards, Deity Transformation stage cultivator Xiang Zhili was going to punish this clan, after provoking such a large calamity, which was barely contained.[21] The Ye Clan, widely renowned as the number one clan of the Great Jin, completely disappeared.[22]


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