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Ye Yuesheng was a late Nascent Soul stage member of the royal Ye Clan from the Jin Empire.

Kunwu Mountain[]

Ye Clan Grand Elder asked him come out of his concealment after faked death in the past to assist them in their quest to obtain 2 Divine Spirit Treasures.[1] Then all Clan Elders travelled to the Nanjiang Region, where they finally opened entrance in the Kunwu Mountain's seal after hundreds years of work.[2]

At the top of the mountain, they split to explore the Spirit Treasure Pavilion, the Devil Suppressing Pagoda and Kunwu Hall. Ye Yuesheng went with one Elder and Elder Devil Bloodflame, disguised as Han Li, to the pagoda.[3] Inside they met Sacred Poison Sect's Grand Elder Hua Tianqi, who was suprised Ye Yuesheng was alive.[4] Later, on the 7th floor of the pagoda, Bloodflame killed the Elder, because he sensed the Sacred Ancestor nearby. Ye Yuesheng didn't react to that, because he already made a deal with the Elder Devil to have devilish Qi infused into him for a chance of reaching Deity Transformation stage. Then, they arrived on the 8th floor to see imprisoned soul fragment of the Sacred Ancestor Yuan Cha. Bloodflame managed to communicate with Sacred Ancestor's soul.[5] Yuan Cha explained him how she fused with Silvermoon Wolf Ling Long and was sealed.[6] Ye Yuesheng would rather tread the Devil Dao than perish from age and have his thousand years of bitter cultivation be for naught. With the Sacred Ancestor's promise that infusion of devilish Qi would extend his lifespan, Ye Yuesheng went to kill the wolf soul and seize the Eight Spirit Ruler.[7]

Ye Yuesheng was attacked by Hua Tianqi possessed by Long Meng. He was reduced to miserable state.[8] After other cultivators, like Han Li, Ye Clan Grand Elder, Grand Immortal Xu or Immortal Form Sect's Lady Mu came to copete for the Eight Spirit Ruler too, the two-headed four-armed Bloodflame and Yuan Cha's soul fragment arrived to join them too. Bloodflame wanted Ye Yuesheng to take the Eight Spirit Ruler, since his cultivation art wasn't devilish, the masterless Divine Spirit Treasure wouldn't harm him.[9] After assurances of Yuan Cha's protection, Ye Yuesheng moved on, but was attacked by Ye Clan Grand Elder.[10]

Jialun War Devil[]

After everyone moved to the 9th floor of the pagoda, newly arrived Master Sable and Daoist Sevenwonders joined the fray to fight Elder Devil Sacred Ancestor.[11] Yuan Cha's soul fragment transformed Ye Yuesheng into giant three-headed six-armed Jialun War Devil. He burnt Master Sable into nothingness with spit out black light.[12] Intending to destroy the seal on 9th floor to release a powerful devilish Qi, Devil Ancestor Yuan Cha detonated the Black Wind Flag causing a black hole and spatial tears to appear. While Jialun War Devil fought Daoist Sevenwonders, Corpse Xiong, Gui Ling and Lin Yinping, Sevenwonders and Gui Ling perished in the spatial tears. Ye Yuesheng in the form of Jialun War Devil also disappeared.[13]

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