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Yellow Maple Valley (黄枫谷Huángfēnggǔ) is one of the Seven Sects of the State of Yue.


In the near thousand years that Yellow Maple Valley had existed, there had only been one Nascent Soul cultivator, Ling Hu. He was their Venerable Ancestor.[1]

Honoured Disciples[]

The disciples who has not yet taken a Foundation Establishment Pill. These people are the most numerous within the valley, and their magic power are the most shallow. These people ordinarily undertook lowly tasks and cultivated for the least amount of time. Consul Disciples - Those who had taken the Foundation Establishment Pill, but were unable to enter the Foundation Establishment stage. These disciple’s foundation cultivation technique has basically reached their peak. Their magic power is far greater than those Honored Disciples. They are even able to use a few simple mid-grade cultivation techniques. As a result, they assumed the duty of leading and administering these numerous Honored Disciples.

Foundation Establishment Disciples[]

They are the favorites of the Heavens and are regarded as true Immortal cultivators; true experts who had stepp foot on the path of Immortal cultivation. After these people succeed in entering Foundation Establishment, they are permitted to find a region with abundant Spiritual Qi and create an Immortal’s cave to cultivate alone. They need not undertake any lowly tasks and only concentrate on cultivating. In addition, every year they would be granted all sorts of uncommon materials and a large amount of spirit stones to support and expedite their cultivation. Their sole duty was to aid the sect when it encountered great enemies . To disobey this order was unacceptable.


These stewards are those disciples who, after entering Foundation Establishment, cultivated for an amount of time and were aware that they were unable to enter Core Formation. They voluntarily renounced their continued cultivation and were willing to enter the inner valley’s specialized administration, performing various duties.


War against the 6 Devil Dao Sects[]

After invasion of the Six Devil Dao Sects, they were forced to back down after defeat in an ambush. Then the Golden Drum Plains at the border between the States of Yue and Che Ji has become the main battlefield between the Seven Sects of the State of Yue and the Six Sects of the Devilish Dao.[2] Disciples of Yellow Maple Valley served there too.[3]

After a betrayal of Spirit Beast Mountain, the Six Devil Dao Sects had great victory and the Six Sects of the State of Yue and allies from two other coutries suffered great losses. With a plan of Ancestor Ling Hu, talented elite disciples were evacuated smoothly, while other disciples, including Han Li, were left as ignorant sacrifices.[4]

Remains of the Six Sects of the State of Yue took refuge with the Nine Nations Union. They settled down in the country with the least other sects, the State of Beiliang. They had to contend with the local sects for scarce resources. They also were forced to battle Moulan Tribe's Spell Soldiers.[5] [6]

Moulan Invasion[]

As Ancestor Ling Hu's lifespan was coming to the end, he tried to convince Han Li, who suprisingly reached Nascent Soul stage, to join the Yellow Maple Valley and be sole ruler.[7] Ultimately, they only came to an agreement, when Han Li accepted 3 treasures in exchange for 3 requests for help from Yellow Maple Valley.[8]


Ling Hu
Grand Elder
Nie Ying

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