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He was shrouded in a very loose black robe. The surface of the robe was covered with black dragon patterns, with the ends of the robe dragging on the ground, which was shrouded in a faint, murderous aura.

Beneath that robe was a tall man with a body that was about a meter in the air. His hair was disheveled and his feet were bare. He wore a suit of bronze armor that looked simple and unadorned. There was a ferocious beast-shaped Heartguard Mirror on his chest, which was covered in green rust. The man's face was pale and his features were well-defined. His thick lips were slightly curled, yet his expression was very indifferent. His pair of grey eyes looked straight ahead, making it impossible to see any emotional fluctuations from him.


He was known for his bloodthirsty nature and was adept at using all manner of devious means to force the other small and mid-range territories to submit to him. As such, all the Zenith Heaven Realm cultivators in his clan were respectful and fearful of him.