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Yin Sifting Sect was one of the Ten Great Devil Dao Sects in the Great Jin.

They cultivate true Devil Dao techniques from antiquity. There are far more pure and ingenious, unlike those of Six Devil Dao Sects from Heavenly South Continent, which seem to be superficial.[1] [2]

The Ghost Sifting Banners are the Yin Sifting Sect's protective signature treasure.[3]

Moulan Invasion[]

After Righteous Dao forces destroyed their sect protecting treasure, Yin Sifting Sect were in a need of large number of living souls to restore it. Since collecting a vast quantity of living souls in the Jin Empire would certainly attract attention, they made a deal with Moulan tribes. They were collecting souls of killed cultivators during their battles with powers of Heavenly South Continent. Divine Sages were forced to accept the fact Yin Sifting Sect collected also souls of their spell warriors. In return, the sect provided them with assistance of their own cultivators, ferocious beasts and Copper-armored Corpses.[1]

When Heavenweep was killed by Han Li, Yin Sifting Sect got interested in him and his Divine Devilbane Lightning.

During the final battle, Sect Master Fang fought Devil Concord as he wanted to test the abilities to the top Devil Dao cultivator in the Heavenly South.[4] Thousands of Copper-armored Corpses were easily destroyed by Weeping Soul Beast.[5] After Moulan received news about the attack of Soaring Tribes. Both sides stopped fighting and later agreed to unite against the common enemy. Sect Master Fang returned to Jin Empire.[6]

Afterwards, one of the Elders put the Soul Seal Curse on Nangong Wan to force Han Li to bring him the treasure refined from Golden Lightning Bamboo.[7] Once the Elder was killed by Han Li, the plan failed and they even lost one Ghost Sifting Banner.[8]

Kunwu Mountain[]

Lured by Divine Spirit Treasures, Grand Elder Qian and few other Elders, like Ge Tianhao, broke into the sealed Kunwu Mountain following other groups like Ye Clan or Sacred Poison Sect.[9] [10] This journey was fatal to all of them, because they perished on that mountain.[11]


After Yin Sifting Sect have lost their Grand Elder and several other Nascent Soul Elders, they were busy dealing with other sects that were trying to take advantage of the situation to plot against them. Hence they didn't have time to go after Han Li.[12] About 200 years after events on Kunwu Mountain, Han Li killed the Sect Master Fang. Then he infiltrated the sect and in the span of just half a year, several Nascent Soul Elders were killed. After news about it got out, others powers tried to take over the Yin Sifting Sect's territory.[13]

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