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It could be said that he had some expertise, but ultimately, because of his limited talent, he made no advancement in the Eternal Sprint Arts and thus was unable to meet the requirements to enter the Foundation Establishment stage.

Cultivators who were not at the Foundation Establishment stage could not be considered cultivators at all. At most, they could only be considered powerful mortals, halfway to the point of stepping into the realm of immortal cultivators. Because Yu Zhitong was unable to achieve a breakthrough, he decided to explore the secular world for enlightenment, hoping to make a breakthrough in his state of heart, overcoming the bottleneck that forbade him from reaching Foundation Establishment stage!

Of course, he hoped that he would be able to come across rare precious herbs so that he could concoct spiritual pills to aid him in his cultivation. However, he knew that the chance was slim at best; no matter what, it was a matter of luck

With high hopes and expectations in his head, the 20 year old Yu Zhitong arrived at the place cultivators called the “secular world.”

The captivating world out there was full of wondrous events and distractions, causing Yi Zhitong to be dazzled and lost in their splendor. His original state of mind could not be regarded as solidly stable; In less than a few years, it had already degraded! He became nothing more than an influential clan’s honored guest and began to enjoy the world’s luxurious splendors. As a result, his immortal’s heart had gradually weakened.

Regarding traitors of the clan, after a 100 years, disciples like Yu Zhitong would have their names formally removed from the clan registry. The act of doing so was equivalent to declaring that the traitorous disciples would have no more connections to the clan and would be considered a mortal. Disciples like Yu Zhitong would never be able to return to the clan. Unless one of his direct descendants had an enormous potential to walk the path of an immortal cultivator, he would not be allowed to return.

If this carried on, Yu Zhitong would have lost the chance to cultivate, but living a life of decadence and wallowing in riches would still be highly possible. This was an extremely common occurrence for cultivators who failed to break through to the stage of Foundation Establishment, so there was nothing to make a fuss of.

One day, it was unknown whether the heavens were helping him or if Lady Luck decided to smile on him, but as Yu Zhitong was strolling the streets of the city, he decided to enter a spiritual pharmacy on a whim. To his surprise, he actually spotted a rarely seen and extremely beneficial spiritual herb there. The name of the spiritual herb was known as the Blood Spirit Grass.

With this spiritual herb, it would greatly increase his chances of breaking through the bottleneck. Ingesting the spiritual herb was akin to fanning flames; the sparks in his immortal’s heart gradually started to blaze again.

Who would have known that just when he was about to purchase the herb, another immortal cultivator also entered the shop. Seeing such a beneficial spiritual herb in front of him, he fought with Yu Zhitong over the purchase of the Spirit Blood Grass.

After winning, he hurriedly left the store. He knew that the other cultivator would not give up so easily. Yu Zhitong was in a panic, and decided to return to his clan. But half way there, the other cultivator caught up to him and a huge battle began which he ended up suffering a miserable defeat.

Unwilling he decided to use his last resort: a treasure bestowed on him by his clan, putting on a deceptively brave front by showing a fake intent to perish together with his opponent. This way, Yu Zhitong managed to scare the other cultivator away.

Even though he had achieve victory, the current him was riddled with injuries. It was at this moment where he met Doctor Mo, who had also been trying to find a remedy for himself. After Doctor Mo learned he had a spiritual herb on him that might help cure him, he exhausted all his methods trying to obtain the herb from Yu Zhitong.

However, how could Yu Zhitong agree? He too needed the miraculous effects of the herbs to recover from his injuries. The current him was no different from an ordinary mortal.

Seeing that his efforts of negotiation was unsuccessful, hatred formed in his heart. Doctor Mo calm himself and appeared to accept his fate with a sigh. He was cunning and could afford to wait for a good opportunity. Doctor Mo decided to poison Yu Zhitong to death. On the verge of dying. It was at this moment that Doctor Mo revealed himself and walked swaggeringly towards Yu Zhitong.

Only now did Yu Zhitong understood what had happened. There was no way he would allow Doctor Mo to succeed just like that. Even in such dire circumstances, he must find a way to persist longer! Under great anger, he had no choice but to utilize the “Blood Soul Curse”, transmuting all the blood essence and spiritual energy in his body into a blood curse, spitting it on Doctor’s Mo's face. After which, his soul swiftly departed his body.

After his soul departed his body, only did Yu Zhitong realised that he had made a mistake. He had forgotten to prepare a soul binding treasure, so there was no item that could temporarily house his soul! With no choice, he had to enter Doctor Mo’s body. After all souls without something to tether them would inevitably dissipate.[1]

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