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Yuan Cha is a Sacred Ancestor of Elder Devils from Elder Devil Realm. She is among the top five in strength in their holy realm.


In the past, the Elder Devil Realm invaded the Mortal Realm. Yuan Cha was one of the three commanders of Elder Devils.[1]

When Yuan Cha possessed body of Silvermoon Wolf Ling Long, there were two primal souls inside. One was gravely injured and escaped, the original soul hid inside the body. As Yuan Cha battled the Three Masters of Kunwu, Long Meng suddenly counterattacked and Sacred Ancestor was defeated. The ancient cultivators weren't able to expel Yuan Cha and didn't dare to rashly exterminate her along with the body of someone from Spirit Realm. As a result, they only sealed her with the Black Wind Flag inside the Devil Suppressing Pagoda on Kunwu Mountain. The orignial soul Long Meng was fighting for control, which led Yuan Cha to use the Greater Spiritfuse Arts to not lose. After this fusion of souls, ancient cultivators couldn't verify who won, so they sealed whole Kunwu Mountain.[2]

Kunwu Mountain[]

One day, over 10,000 years later, Ye Clan Elders made an opening in the seal of Kunwu Mountain in pursuit of Divine Spirit Treasures.[3] This drew attention of many other cultivators.[4]

After Xiang Zhili entered Kunwu Mountain too, combined soul of Yuan Cha's soul fragment and Long Meng sensed him and sealed him with Phantasmic Air. She didn't want him to interfere with other ignorant cultivators.[5] This caused their fused souls to weaken and divide once more.[2]

Once Elder Devil Bloodflame, accompanied by Ye Yuesheng, arrived at the Devil Suppressing Pagoda, he managed to communicate with Sacred Ancestor's soul fragment.[1] Yuan Cha's soul fragment explained him how she fused with Silvermoon Wolf Ling Long and was sealed.[6] Ye Yuesheng was sent to kill the wolf soul.[6] Using 5 devilish artifacts brought by Bloodflame, Sacred Ancestor's soul fragment broke free from the Black Wind Flag restrictions.[7] Then she and Bloodflame went to the place of the Eight Spirit Ruler and Long Meng.[8] Yuan Cha's soul fragment wanted to fuse back their souls to have full power. When Long Meng didn't agree, Sacred Ancestor attacked the Ninetruths Devil Suppression Formation with the Black Wind Flag.[9] As Yuan Cha overwhelmed the formation, Han Li and others slayed Bloodflame. Not wanting them to leave, she sealed the exit with the Black Wind Flag.[10] Facing Long Meng and the Eight Spirit Ruler, Yuan Cha's soul fragment devoured 3 Nascent Souls of Ye Clan Elders to recover.[11]

After Yuan Cha's soul fragment bewitched junior sister of Immortal Form Sect's Lady Mu and gained Dragon Call Crest, everyone was teleported to 9th floor. There Long Meng, Corpse Xiong, Ye Clan Grand Elder, the Nightfiend and Lion Hawk fought against Devil Ancestor Yuan Cha in the two-headed wolf form. The Black Wind Flag clashed with the Eight Spirit Ruler. Lady Mu fought against her bewitched junior sister. Newly arrived, Master Sable and Daoist Sevenwonders joined the fray.[12]

Using Spatial Soul Crossing, Yuan Cha's soul fragment summoned her main soul and destroyed Master Sable's Mountain Crushing Seal and Sevenwonders's Scarlet Cry Drum. Then Lion Hawk was obliterated.[13] And Nightfiend was burned in black flames. Grand Immortal Xu's Nascent Soul possessing his Keen Spirit Peacock also met his end. The Peacock was roasted and his Nascent Soul exploded with flick of her finger.[14] Han Li managed to survive her attack with the Heavenvoid Cauldron. Meanwhile, Silvermoon and Long Meng fused into Ling Long. Yuan Cha wanted to let her go due to the she-wolf being granddaughter of Demon Monarch Ao Xiao, but the latter admonished her.[15] With ended supply of perfect devil Qi, Yuan Cha's main soul disappeared after launching last attack. Ling Long was injured despite using the Star Defying Plate. Afterwards, other cultivators assaulted Yuan Cha's soul fragment.[16] After she transformed Ye Yuesheng into giant three-headed six-armed Jialun War Devil, Master Sable was burnt into nothingness with spit out black light.[17] Intending to destroy the seal on 9th floor, Devil Ancestor detonated the Black Wind Flag, and a black hole and spatial tears appeared. While Corpse Xiong, Gui Ling and Lin Yinping fought Jialun War Devil, Daoist Sevenwonders was sucked into one of the spatial tears. At the same time, Long Meng released Xiang Zhili from Phantasmic Air.[18] Xiang Zhili tried to subdue the two-headed wolf, but the seal was opened releasing poweful devilish Qi.[19]

Moment later, Silvermoon, who took control over Ling Long, making Long Meng's soul fall dormant, kept fighting Yuan Cha's soul fragment to retrieve her original body.[20] Ultimately, Yuan Cha's soul fragment was devoured and the devilish Qi was sealed back by Han Li using the Heavencrystal Stele. [21]

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