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Yuan Yao (元瑶Yuán yáo), commonly referred to as Lady Yuan, is a cultivator residing in the Scattered Star Seas.


She has a notable figure as observed by Han Li

"She was an astonishing beauty at the prime of her youth. Not only was her skin appeared beyond soft and purer than snow, her skintight clothes revealed her graceful, well-endowed body, causing men who saw her to involuntarily swallow. She truly was a beauty capable of wrecking a country."



Yuan Yao and Senior Martial Sister Yan Li were both born in a small cultivation sect. Their aptitudes were average and cultivation techniques mediocre. To ascend in cultivation, they left their sect and wanted to find an unmarried male cultivator with profound cultivation in hopes of becoming their Dao companion.[4]


While Yuan Yao and Yan Li visited Sky Capital Market on Stalwart Star Island, they met Han Li, who was accompanied by Crooked Soul. The two were most interested in Crooked Soul, because he was at late Foundation Establishment cultivation, and Han Li had concealed his true cultivation. They were disappointed, when Han Li left them.[5]

At some point, Yan Li has become a cultivation furnace for the Azure Yang Sect's young master. Yuan Yao wanted take a place of her senior sister, and offered to became a concubine of that young master. Yan Li explained her how that person was a wretch cheating others. Then they set a trap and killed the young master. However, Senior Martial Sister Yan Li suffered an immense injury and lost her body. Yuan Yao took her primal soul and temporarily housed it in a magic tool.[4] With help of medicinal pills from killed young master, she reached Core Formation stage. Afterwards, she entered Heavenvoid Hall to acquire Soul Nurturing Wood for her senior sister.[6]

Heavenvoid Halls and Soulrise Technique[]

Yuan Yao participated in both the Outer and Inner hall trials. Originally she entered the Heavenvoid Hall disguised as a Male to avoid the gazes and advances of Male cultivators seeking a Dao Companion.[7] She met Han Li and Fairy Violet Spirit during the outer-hall trial to cross a fog containing hostile ghosts. Yuan Yao initially crossed alone, confident in her use of a rare Weeping Soul Beast that consumed ghosts.[8] Unfortunately, she had poor luck and encountered the Ghost King - formerly Core Formation cultivator, that nearly killed her if it weren't for the timely intervention from Han Li.[9] During the battle her disguise was removed allowing Han Li to recognize her from their first encounter on the Stalwart Star Island.[10]

Yuan Yao parted ways, but again encountered Han Li during the second trial, when she struggled to cross a black desert of hot iron filled with Ironfire Ants.[11] To safely complete the trial, she exchanged her Weeping Soul Beast for Han Li's assistance in crossing the desert.[12] After completing the Path of Molten Rock, she was granted access to the Inner Halls of the Heavenvoid Hall where she would be able to obtain the Soul Nurturing Tree. Before she could enter, a Nascent Soul cultivator attempted to kill her. She was able to use her Azure Flamebursts to escape the lethal attacks.[13]

At some point Yuan Yao found a teleportation formation that led to a Spirit Well within the Heavenvoid Hall. She managed to use and destroy the formation in order to prevent undesirable individuals from following her into the Spirit Well. She obtained Myriad Year Spirit Milk from the spirit well. While bathing in the spirit well, Yuan Yao was interrupted by the arrival of Han Li who had managed to repair the teleportation formation (to escape from the Nascent Soul eccentrics he had just enraged) she had earlier destroyed. Yuan Yao would again solicit Han Li's assistance in acquiring the trunk of the Soul Nurturing Wood in exchange for the Myriad Year Spirit Milk that she had just acquired.[14] Upon acquisition of the trunk of the treasure, she and Han Li were together teleported outside of the Heavenvoid Hall. After a brief discussion she and Han Li parted ways.[15]

Few decades later, while Yuan Yao was hiding on small island, a party of Core Formation cultivators, led by Elder Ding of Azure Yang Sect, was sent to capture her alive for Three Yang. Han Li accidentally got involved in that party.[16] Once they attacked her, Han Li killed all people involved to help Yuan Yao.[17] After learning about circumstances of her and Yan Li, Han Li later accepted to be her protector during a ritual she wanted to execute in order to give her sister a new flesh at the price of her core.[6] Then, the disciple of the Archsaint of the Six Paths, Wen Tianren arrived. While Han Li fought him, a ghost mist transported them in the Umbra Realm.[18]

Spirit World[]

Han Li found her and her elder aprentice sister Yan Li in the Flying Spirit Race's Blood Pool Trial, serving under the white haired beauty Lady Lan. He later found out that after she had helped her elder sister by using the Soulrise Secret Technique and then later the Yin-Yang Ghost Reincarnation taboo technique, but her appearance was distorted, as she lacked a physical corporeal body. Furthermore, Yuan Yao and Yan Li fell into the Ghost Fog Eruption after cultivating the Yin-Yang Ghost Reincarnation Art to completion and reaching Early Daiety Transformation Stage, they woke up in the aforementioned Blood Pool, wherein Lady Lan stumbled upon them.

Later it is revealed to Han Li that they were accepted only because Lady Lan fancied her elder sister's unique Yin body to further her own cultivation, and they plotted with Han Li to escape. When Mu Qing and other Demon Kings used Han Li's Divine Devilbane Thunder to suppress the restrictions of the Ghost Underworld Yin River in the depths of the Blood Pool, she and her elder sister Yan Li used the distraction of Void Refinement level Ghost King to facilitate the escape and suppress Divine Sense restriction marks embedded into Han Li. After erasing the restriction marks, Han Li, and her sister Yan Li together were enveloped by a Yin Ghost fog and transported to Ginger's hole. He was a Grand Ascension cultivator and accepted the sister duo into formal apprenticeship, and it turned out that he was half a primordial soul of Qing Yuanzi, the creator of the Azure Essence Sword Art, and in turned delivered Han Li the new and improved version of the art, usable until early Integration Level stage. Afterward, Han Li departed, and Ginger remarks that if fate has it, Yuan Yao and her sister will see Han Li return a short few hundred to a few thousand years later.

True Immortal Realm[]

After Han Li reunites with Nangong Wan in the True Immortal Realm, Nangong Wan tells him that Yuan Yao perished during her True Immortal Tribulation.


Do not proceed past this point if you do not want to read spoilers.

What actually happens at the end of the novel is the last time Han Li uses the Heavenly Palm Vase to time travel back in time, he saves Yuan Yao from her tribulation allowing her to ascend although knocking out all nearby people watching including Yan Li, Nangong Wan and Qing Yuanzi. Yuan Yao, ends up in the True Immortal Realm at the end of the book and is reunited with Han Li and Nangong Wan.



Upon meeting Han Li again, she tried disguising her identity, and lied that her last name was Ruan.


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