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Yuan Zhi was a Buddhist monk and one of the three late Nascent Soul stage Elders of the Lightning Sound Sect. This monk was extremely renowned throughout the Great Jin and at the same time, he was also one of the exceedingly rare Buddhist vajra protectors.[1]

First Meeting[]

While Yuan Zhi and his junior Yan Zhu were staying as guests at the Hidden Fortune Pavilion, Han Li arrived there to obtain the refinement method for spatial pockets. Pavilion Lord Can Ku tried to offer him other solution, since they weren't giving their method to anyone. But Han Li was very determined to get this method. Then Yuan Zhi approached him saying he could get it, only if he sparred him first.[1] After Yan Zhu mentioned Han Li was involved in the events of the Kunwu Mountain and the demon beast assault on the North Night Palace about 200 years before, Yuan Zhi wanted to duel him even more. He was stuck at the late Nascent Soul stage for many years, and he's been looking for fellow cultivators of the same cultivation base to test his skills against. Can Ku agreed to their deal.

Outside the pavilion, they sparred. Yuan Zhi transformed using the 4th layer of Brightjade Arts and his treasure was able to withstand Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords initially.[2] But after Han Li doubled efforts, monk was suprised the swords used glacial Qi and Divine Devilbane Lightning. His vajra projections weren't able to handle them. [3] When Han Li used Triflame Fan and Purple Apex Flames, the vajra projection collapsed, which casued monk to loss a bit of vitality. Yuan Zhi conceded defeat. Afterwards, they shared Crossing Dragon's Roar wine with Can Ku.[4]

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