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Not only is it the largest city of the State of Yue, it also happen to be located at the very center of the country. Its roads lead in every direction, making it the heart of the entire nation’s economic trade. Naturally, the land of such a city had long been completely occupied. Not only is the price of housing several times greater than that of other cities, but there are also many individuals willing to pay this price but none willing to sell. After all, living in Yuejing itself was a symbol of one’s status.


North District[]

The imperial city is located in the north district. Naturally, only members of the royal family are permitted to live there.

South District[]

This district is the home of bureaucrats and officials of all ranks. So long as one monotonically spend half their time on duty, they would have the qualifications to live there. If no one in a household hold an official’s position, that household would naturally be forced to move to another district.

West District[]

The west district’s tall and great residences are actually jaggedly arranged flat rooms. Those who live there are all lower-class workers with odd jobs, small peddlers and merchants, and other impoverished people. Naturally, a portion are loafers who come from other districts after being kicked out of their household.

East District[]

There is a lot of rich merchant households in this district. Although these households don't have anyone working in the bureaucracy and can't live in the south district, their grand residence and courtyards are more magnificent than any other. None of them spared their great wealth in order to bring their households name to fame, suppressing other nearby great families and putting themselves on top. Naturally, there are a few famous households that the others nearby fundamentality couldn’t compete against. Not only was the amount of land they own great, but also their riches and prestige far exceed the others’. The people who lived in these households were merchants that were beyond extremely wealthy