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Yun Lu (云露Yún lù) is the patriarch (老祖Lǎo zǔ) of the Harmonious Bond Sect, one of the Six Demonic Sects. He is the father of Dong Xuan with Hong Fu.[1]

Devil Cloudpart is a Mid-Nascent Soul cultivator residing in the Heavenly South Region. He is an elder of the Harmonious Bond Sect. He has a strange constitution with both Yin and Yang contained within his body. He cultivates techniques that cause him to be overcome with lust. He is renown for forcefully having his way with both men and woman.

Lineal Descendants[]

Devil Cloudpart had descendants. One of his lineal descendants was Dong Xuan. Before she was born he used his Graceful Dream Arts on her to enhance her potential and increase her rate of cultivation. He was separated from her due to an accident. She ended up in the Yellow Maple Valley sect - a member of the Seven Sect Alliance from the State of Yue.

Years later, Devil Cloudpart was reunited with this lost descendant. The young master of the Harmonious Bond Sect rescued her from the Ghost Spirit Sect who intended to sacrifice participants of the Treasure Seizing Assembly that she was participating in.

First Meeting[]

Centuries later, the Moulan Tribes launched an invasion into the Heavenly South Region. The major superpowers of the Heavenly South banded together to repel the invaders. After a long drawn out conflict the tribes and superpowers agreed to a decisive final battle. As one of the strongest Nascent Soul cultivators within the Heavenly South, Devil Cloudpart was summoned to the meeting.

Devil Cloudpart brought along his descendant as a personal aide. The two encountered an Early-Nascent Soul cultivator as the two were traveling towards the meeting location. This cultivator was Han Li. Devil Cloudpart perceptively noticed his descendant's heartbeat quickened. He questioned his descendant and learned that she had a history with Han Li who famously escaped from a Late-Nascent Soul Divine Sage from the Moulan Tribes.

Before the meeting, Devil Cloudpart examined Han Li more closely. During the meeting, Devil Cloudpart learned that he was was being forcefully conscripted as one of the ten participants in wagered battles. The wagered battles were conducted to release hostages before the actual battle began.

Battle at the Border[]

Devil Cloudpart participated in the wagered battles. The wagered battles did not go according to expectations. Instead the tribes used the wagered battles to imprison himself and the nine other participants. This prevented him from assisting the Heavenly South in the final battle. Luckily he was freed by Han Li who used a fearsome lightning bead that broke through the prison barrier. Devil Cloudpart lent his strength and returned the favor he owed Han Li by saving Han Li from a suicidal attack by the concubine of the Yin Sifting Sect master. Devil Cloudpart survived the battle.

Abilities and Treasures[]

Graceful Dream Arts[]

A peak cultivation art of the Devil Dao. Progression in the art is tied to progression in cultivation. This cultivation art possesses numerous charming and bewitching techniques. Cultivators of the art experienced enhanced rates of growth in exchange for difficult obstacles in the form of inner demons. If a cultivator cannot overcome their inner-demons, they are unable to progress in the cultivation art.


  • His courtesy name was used to name Dong Xuan, although Hong Fu would not let her use her father's surname.[1]

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