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Grandmaster Zenith Yin was one of the very few "Old Devils" of the Devil Dao in the Scattered Star Seas. He was a lord of Zenith Yin Island.[1]


Zenith Yin was a pale faced, slender eyed, middle-aged man.[2]


Zenith Yin was one of disciples of the Bone Sage, Xiao Cha. While the was in Core Formation stage, he and Zenith Brilliance betrayed their Master and sealed him within an ancient formation.[3]


First Meeting[]

After Wu Chou's scheme of setting up Exquisite Sound Sect and Hidden Fiend Sect against each other, Zenith Yin used Greater Possession Technique on his grandson to face his traitorous disciple, the Sect Master of Hidden Fiend Sect, to get the Heavenvoid Map he stole.[4] During the fight against forces of Exquisite Sound Sect and Hidden Fiend Sect, Eccentric Scarletflame suddenly changed sides and attacked the Sect Master too.[5] As others were escaping, Zenith Yin sent Heavenwide Corpses after them. Grandmaster Zenith Yin wanted give Wang Ning to Scarletflame as a furnace cauldron, but he passed on her for Zenith Yin's grandson, Wu Chou. After Scarletflame showed worry about the Star Palace, Zenith Yin dispelled it saying Heavenly Star Sages were not gonna act.[6] He was pleasantly suprise by skills of one of the escapees. As they captured his traitorous disciple, they left. was also suprised by the presence of Bloodjade Spider.[7]

Heavenvoid Hall[]

Later, Grandmaster Zenith Yin went to the Heavenvoid Hall, with his grandson, Wu Chou. There he met his old acquaintance, Qing Yi.[2] When Righteous Dao cultivators arrived, Zenith Yin couldn't help, but exchange few spite words with them. Then he and Qing Yi were joined by Man Huzi.[8] They discussed about plans concerning Heavenvoid Cauldron and how to deal with Wan Tianming.[9]

Before the second trial, Zenith Yin approached Han Li to see his Bloodjade Spider and invinte him to Inner Halls.[10] Wu Chou couldn't accept Han Li's refusal. Then Qing Yi appeared foiling Zenith Yin's plans to keep it a secret.[11] After a bit of coercion, Han Li agreed to become Zenith Yin's disciple.[12]

When everyone arrived before Inner Halls, cultivators of Righteous and Devil Daos agreed to not fight until one side acquires Heavenvoid Cauldron.[13] At the platform with the treasure, they clashed.[14] After Righteous Dao cultivators left, Zenith Yin made Han Li use his Bloodjade Spider to seize the Heavenvoid Cauldron.[15] At that time, Righteous Dao cultivators came back to fight.[16] When the Heavenvoid Cauldron was emerging, projections of 2 Star Palace Elders appeared. After they killed the Bloodjade Spider, the cauldron was disappearing, but then a Heavenmend Pill fell out from it.[17] As Man Huzi snatched the pill, others gave chase after him.[18]

After a while, all six Nascent Soul cultivators reached agreement. When they returned to the platform, the Cauldron, Wu Chou, Han Li, and the Bone Sage were all missing. Zenith Yin sensed his grandson was dead. They quarrelled and wondered what happened.[19]

After several years, Zenith Yin was still looking for Han Li. In the Outer Star Seas he searched for him with help of Jade Cloud Sect.[20]

Revisiting Scattered Star Seas[]

One day, Zenith Yin run into injured Man Huzi. After battling for three days and three nights, Man Huzi lost his body and his Nascent Soul ended up in Zenith Yin's hands. Zenith Yin used a cruel secret technique to completely overexert Man Huzi's Nascent Soul's latent potential to make it survive. He was torturing him for about 100 years for knowledge and his collection.[21]

Zenith Yin acted as the Starfall Coalition's Elder. He was one of the mine-guarding elders deployed to Green Spirit Island by the coalition. After using a soul search technique on Daoist Swift Crane, Han Li learnt Zenith Yin's location and couldn't pass on that opportunity to exact his revenge.[22]

When Zenith Yin was in the stone chamber underground torturing a Nascent Soul, Han Li suddenly broke in destroying restrictions. He was suprised by this, but also happy, because he yearned for the Heavenvoid Cauldron.[23] Once Han Li easily block his 2 attacks, Zenith Yin was flabbergasted realizing Youngster Han was at late Nascent Soul stage. His 18 Heavenwide Corpses were froze with Celestial Ice Flames and Heavenwide Corpsefire was extinguished. Before he managed to flee, he was frozen in a block of blue ice. When he was about to end his life, the Nascent Soul that belonged to Man Huzi spoken that he wanted to do it instead.[24] Man Huzi explained Han Li what happened to him. He wanted to devour other Nascent Soul to have a chance for reincarnation.[21] After Han Li agreed to that, Man Huzi's Nascent Soul consumed Zenith Yin's Nascent Soul and passed away into afterlife. Han Li destroyed his body.[25]


Grandmaster Zenith Yin was at early Nascent Soul stage.[1]

He cultivates Profound Yin Arts.

Greater Possession Technique is an art allowing to possess other person. It works even from vast distance.[4]

He owned Heavenwide Corpses. They were dark-green armored demon corpses. They were no less powerful than mid Core Formation cultivator.[26]

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