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Zhang Tie (张铁Zhāng tiě) was one of Mo Juren's disciples, unofficial disciple of the Seven Mysteries Sect, and best friend to Han Li.[?]

He was killed and reanimated into a living doll by Juren, known as Iron Slave (铁奴Tiě nú),[1] and later renamed Qu Hun by Han Li. After Han Li defeated Juren, Han discovered Zhang's unfortunate fate and was given to the Mo Family as a guardian of their house. Han would later retrieve Zhang and had him follow him permanently. After Han escaped capture from the Devil Sect, Han transferred a part of his soul to Zhang to allow him to have an independent personality. Unfortunately, Zhang would be taken over by the Bone Sage and Han was forced to destroy his body.[?]


In the donghua, Zhang Tie has a scar on the outer side of his left brow.


“N-no problem. I’m too used to labor. If I’m idle even for just a moment, I always feel a bit…. uncomfortable. If you ever need any help in the future, don’t hesitate to tell me. I have nothing else but strength.”[2]

Zhang is a non-intellectual and simplistic person in nature. Coming from an abusive family and low status background, Zhang had no love for his family and decided to enter the Seven Mysteries Sect for a better life. When he failed entry, he accepted following Mo Juren (healer and herbalist) with Han Li. Since he had no talent for Medicine, Juren had him learn Way of the Armored Elephant to make him into a martial artist. Zhang would unfortunately meet his end when Juren killed him and reanimated him into a doll slave; he made Zhang into a personal body guard and enforcer. Zhang's body would out live his soul's existence and serve the will of others. Because of Han's sense of attachment for Zhang, Han made him into his protector and cultivated each other's bodies until his fall to the Bone Sage.


Alongside Han Li, Zhang Tie joined the Seven Mysteries Sect as an Unofficial Disciple.[3] The two started to cultivate under the Doctor Mo.[2]

He became a puppet because of Doctor Mo's scheme.

Crooked Soul has spiritual roots with three elements, we only know there is not wood.


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