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Zheng Wei, also known as Master Scatterwind, was an early Nascent Soul stage infamous vagrant cultivator from the Great Jin. He was known as a moralless deceiver as treacherous as they came. When faced with weaker opponents, he would act like an unsensible fiend and take advantage of them. Despite offending many, he could escape with his ancient World Flying Boots even from late Nascent Soul stage cultivators.[1]

Kunwu Mountain[]

Once the mysterious pillars of light appeared in the Puyun Prefecture in the Nanjiang Region, Zheng Wei travelled there. The Sacred Poison Sect was leading the way into the broken seal of Kunwu Mountain, Master Scatterwind wanted get in too.[2] After meeting there Sacred Poison Sect's Grand Elder Hua Tianqi and Yin Sifting Sect's Grand Elder old Devil Qian, Zheng Wei changed his usual attitude and only stayed behind them. Then he gathered 4 other vagrant Nascent Soul cultivators and headed in together with them.[1]

Using the chaos, Master Scatterwind killed many Nascent Soul cultivators, like Yin Sifting Sect Elder or Old man Fu.[3] [4] Outside of the Devil Suppressing Pagoda, he tried to ambush Han Li, but he failed and after seeing Divine Devilbane Lightning, Zheng Wei fled.[5]

Later, Zheng Wei entered the Devil Suppressing Pagoda too, before exit was sealed by Elder Devil Ancestor Yuan Cha's soul fragment. Inside, he was caught by Han Li, Gui Ling, Grand Immortal Xu, Lin Yinping, the Nightfiend and Lion Hawk.[6] He stealthly persuaded 2 demons to join forces. During opening the exit, Master Scatterwind turned into white-furred monster corpse, the Nightfiend and Lion Hawk turned against others.[7] Han Li recognzied the monster corspe as the Corpse Xiong.


It is unknown whether Zheng Wei was ever a real cultivator or it was always an alter ego of Corpse Xiong.

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